Minutes 2003-09-26


This was our first SLUG/ LAN meeting and was a learning experience. We had a new show, however with confusion and time I was unable to get any information about him.

Tried to work with an IPCOP box and did not get too far with that as...

Minutes 2003-07-25


So due to lack of time sorry it took so long—


  • phliver
  • opello
  • Mikey
  • Vector
  • Pez4brian
  • Cassie
  • But3rfly
  • Terry

Brian brought in his linux box with mandrake on it. However, did not get much discussion on it. Please message me with the specs so we...

Minutes 2003-06-30

We had a good meeting! Monday may be a possibility for future meetings as it seems to work out for most of us.

We set up synergy on two linux machines and found that it was WAY too easy, it didn’t take long at all.

Discussed the current status...