minutes · Install fest encryption organizational · 2004-01-30 · stevenix


Date: January 30, 2004 at 5:30pm


Organizational Meeting


Note taker: opello

  • Date and time of the meetings.
  • Friday seems to work out.
  • Mailing list
  • Going to a discussions + announcements mailing list
  • Tips and tricks section archived from discussion mailing list showing 'our best tricks'
  • Meeting room
  • We are shooting for a public place, and at little or no cost.
  • To be coordinated over the mailing list
  • Install Fest
  • An install fest might be a good idea.
  • We decided we should pick a specific distro and stick to it to create less confusion.
    • Pick a date
    • Find a place with enough room
  • Presentations
  • next month - vector doing ip / firewall / tunnels / security
  • Book Reviews
  • Introduce and view a sample of the book reviews
  • Deciding whether to do a library type concept and check out books, or have drawings for them. looks like we are leaning towards a library idea?
  • Let us know if your willing to do a book review.
  • Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Case badges
  • Looking around for prices
  • Nixon, resident graphics guy, playing around with logos and layouts.
    • slogan contest / submit ideas
  • SLUG Officers
  • Need slightly more formal system of governing SLUG
    • Executive committee to deal with things and be responsible
    • Treasurer
    • Chairperson
  • Various topics of discussion include:
  • embedded Linux
  • plausible denyability encryption
  • various bouts of awkward silence
  • voluntary dues