minutes · lan party ipcop distros organizational · 2003-09-26 · stevenix


This was our first SLUG/ LAN meeting and was a learning experience. We had a new show, however with confusion and time I was unable to get any information about him.

Tried to work with an IPCOP box and did not get too far with that as the person who knew what was going on with it was unable to come.

The biggest outcome of this meeting was learning that we need more of an agenda and structure to run the meetings and get the most information in the least time. This is all getting worked on to make improvements on the meetings.

The next meeting will hopefully have a presentation of some sort followed by a LAN party. As trying to do both did not work out as we wanted. So gear up and suggest some ideas for a presentation for the next meeting.

Side note the next meeting will be held on Fri October 24th 2003 due to the last Friday being Halloween!