minutes · networking samba graphics package management lan party mandrake · 2003-10-24 · stevenix


New Horizons at 5:30 pm


Topic: Mandrake 9.2 demonstration Speakers: pez4brian


Discussion: Started on the last install step of Mandrake 9.2

  • Advantages Graphical install
  • Network
  • Auto Detection and Expert Mode
  • Control Center
  • Hard Drake to show hardware
  • Samba and Apache Config tools
  • Boot graphics
  • splash screen with progress bar
  • How do you get rid of? Was the major question
  • Install of programs
  • dependency checking for RPM installs

  • Disadvantages Mandrake specific RPM package naming

  • this makes it difficult to use third party RPM to satisfy dependencies
  • Questions: How to get rid of splash screen?


Linux Server Hacks book was raffled

LAN Party

Started at 6:30 pm


  • Quake III