minutes · 2019-07-17 · mrtuttle


Siouxland Libraries Main Branch
Room: Conference Room in the north east part of the library.
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


  • Robbie relayed information about Proton, the beta version of Steam that includes Wine.
  • No one has a new RPI.
  • The RPI POE hat will work with the new RPI.
  • "~." will kill an ssh client that has become unresponsive.
  • Quasle is a popular chat client. Jackson is looking for a replacement to Pidgin.
  • suckless.org is a website some people like.
  • Silverblue is an experimental Fedora project where different parts of the operating system are immutable and when an update is required, the whole immutable section is replaced. Its goal is reliability.
  • Vector made a joke about a wife-murdering file system programmer that went over my head.
  • Btrfs can be pronounced "butter f s" or "butter fuss".
  • OpenZFS is no longer used by FreeBSD. They will be using the Linux ZFS implementation.
  • Vector held a flashlight under his chin and told us horror stories about moving servers around a data center.
  • QNX is a proprietary Unix-like real-time operating system that is used in cars. It is owned by BlackBerry. An open-source counterpart is Automotive Grade Linux.
  • Somebody suggested printing out all your 2-factor authentication codes, keep them inside a fire-proof safe, and go through them every year to tests them out.
  • W10Privacy is a great tool for removing all the crap from a Windows installation.
  • Install GNOME Tweaks if you don't want to hate your computer.
  • Terminology was a terminal emulator for Enlightenment that could be highly customized with themes. There was a theme that made the cursor into nyancat.
  • Wayfire is a Wayland compositor with effects like Compiz.