minutes · Rocket League file systems Simone Gertz Adam Savage robots ripping media music nostalgia · 2017-07-19 · mrtuttle


Siouxland Libraries Main Branch
Room: Conference Room in the north east part of the library.
Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:45 PM


  • Vector described a script he wrote to temporarily disable his mouse because Rocket League was configuring his mouse as the primary controller instead of his gamepad.
  • We talked about some guy who deletes a his root file system and then tries to recover it. This is the closest I came to finding it.
  • Shitty robot builder Simone Gertz and Adam Savage collaborated to build... something.
  • Talked about what machines everyone brought to the meeting.
  • Vector described the projects he has been working on regarding his 3D printer: a handle for closing the trunk of his car, a shifter stopper for said car, and bridges for playing pool or snooker.
  • makemkv is a great program for ripping Blu-ray.
  • If anyone wants to kickstart creating a .fart tld, we support you.
  • ytmnd.com
  • The Floppotron - The Final Countdown , Man or Astroman - A Simple Text File.
  • Opello told us about a satellite receiver chip driver he recently completed and about a decoder chip driver he is now working on.
  • IP address drama from the days of yore.