minutes · openvpn install distros · 2010-08-19 · stevenix


Oak View Branch of the Siouxland Libraries in Sioux Falls, Room 3 at 6:30pm.


Secure Network Tunnels: Configuring OpenVPN - 6:30pm

Dustin S. will demonstrate the correct way to configure secure network tunnels using OpenVPN.

OpenVPN allows you to build a virtual private network using Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. OpenVPN is a feature-rich, flexible system for anyone who needs to provide secure network traffic via the internet.

Installation Basics -- New User session at 5:30pm

Before the regular meeting, Glenn will talk about "Installation Basics," reviewing some of the basic steps to install a Linux distribution. Anyone is welcome to jump in to share advice and experience.

The New User session is also a time for new users to seek help for any problems they may be having with the Linux learning curve.

Linux experts and novices are encouraged to attend this early session.

The room will open at 5 p.m.

Live CDs

We will have free bootable CDs for folks who want to try GNU/Linux without installing it on their computer. Distributions will include Linux Mint 9, Ubuntu 10.04, Kubuntu 10.04, and various flavors of Debian.


To get to the Oak View branch from Sixth Street, turn north onto North Bahnson Ave. and drive three blocks to Third Street. The library is located at the northeast corner of the intersection.

From Sycamore Avenue, turn west on Third Street until you near the North Bahnson intersection (about six blocks). The library will be on your right.

There is no cost to attend the meeting or to join. New members are welcome!


Thanks to Dustin S. for his presentation on OpenVPN configuration at last night's SLUG meeting!

We had a bit of discussion about bridged vs. routed VPN configuration, which hopefully helped some of the folks struggling to make their VPN installations work.

Thanks again, Dustin!