minutes · linux from scratch distros · 2010-01-21 · stevenix


The Pizza Ranch on 41st St. at 6:30pm



Prepared by Glenn

Ten people gathered for an informal meeting to determine the current level of interest in open source software and the Siouxland Linux Users Group.

Attendees shared information about the Linux distributions they run and discussed troubles compiling Linux from Scratch version 6.5.

Favorite web browsers, file system troubles, favorite meta search sites, search techniques, and Richard Stallman were also topics of a wide-ranging conversation.

The group discussed future meeting times and locations, and the importance of being consistent, once a schedule and workable location have been established.

The SLUG will meet again at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18, at the Siouxland Libraries Ronning Branch in southeast Sioux Falls. The meeting room will open at 6 p.m.

February's topic -- Security Testing / Firewall Testing

There will be a short Hulu on Linux demonstration.

The group will also have free live CDs available for anyone interested in trying a new distribution or in trying Linux for the first time.

March's topic -- Linux from Scratch demonstration.

Future topics -- Video streaming, vendor presentations, general help session, newbie night.