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Deep thinking - adds a new diemnison to it all.



Note taker: phliver

  • opello's soekris router
    • CF card for data storage.
    • Updated via web interface.
    • Runs m0n0wall
    • Soekris hardware
  • MythTV
    • No more zap2it labs, moving to Schedules Direct
    • Schedules Direct used to cost \$15 for 90 days, now \$15 for 6 months. More price drops planned in the future.
    • Schedules Direct is a non profit created by the community. Makes it a little easier to justify paying for the service.
    • Flash player built in to the MythTV web interface can be found in subversion.
  • Ubuntu
    • Next version, Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) Blueprints
    • Release date planned for the 18th of October, 2007
    • After Gutsy Gibbon will be the Hardy Herring LTS release (8.04)
    • Phliver will order CDs through ShipIt when Gutsy Gibbon becomes available. This way we will get stickers too.
    • Discussed BulletProof-X (screenshots).
  • SLUG
    • Advertise with the SLUG flyer.
    • Talked about printing a few copies of Full Circle Magazine to pass around at future meetings. We will start posting new releases on our website.
    • We would like to buy some of these Ubuntu logo decals to pass out/sell.
    • A few of us are going to look into pricing for other Ubuntu/SLUG related stickers.
  • Misc.
    • Briefly discussed Buffalo routers and Wireless Distribution System, Which is supported by dd-wrt and the like.
    • O'Reilly books for doing reviews.
    • Future presentation ideas. We will videotape these for the website.
    • Jeff showed off his "Linux stamp" prototype (project page), and showed videos of the process (posted soon).
    • Dusty peeled the windows sticker off of his notebook :)